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Our Specialty

Manifold Dynamics Group Ltd (MDG) is an international engineering and contracting company dedicated to projects in the energy sector. Manifold Dynamics Group has been facilitating engineering design, fabrication, installation, service and maintenance of offshore assets, providing comprehensive project management across all phases of energy projects with needs and demands of the 21st century

Integrated offshore services

Onshore substation

Complete civil, mechanical and electrical design and layout including landfall cables/transmission lines

Subsea cables

Electrical cable design, determination of the ideal voltage levels and optimal export and array cable layout.

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Balance of Plant

Covering such topics as the overall wind farm single line diagram, the redundancy philosophy, preliminary grid study analysis to ensure grid compliance, overall SCADA architecture, a high-level protection philosophy and an operational philosophy to mention but a few.

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Offshore substation

Complete offshore substation topside design covering all electrical and mechanical systems and all structural elements complying with requirements. Geotechnical design and design of piles, the substructure and foundations.

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Covering such topics as CAPEX and OPEX optimization, the project schedule, design parameters based on our experience and the local environment, employer’s technical requirements, tender package documentation and conceptual reports to mention but a few.

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Our scaffolding team has more than 30 years of experience with both onshore and offshore work. We always deliver the best, safest and fastest solution regardless of the task and challenge.

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Interior Designing

Manifold is also specialised in interior Designs and all types of Building Materials

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Electrical Installation

Manifold Electrical Installation, Wiring and Maintenance Certification

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Plant Hire

We Hire Different Plants and Machine's

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Fabrication and Refurbishing of CTS Burners

Our project managers work around your vessel’s demanding schedule and hazardous cargo to minimize downtime and ensure safe completion of work.

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Rig upgrade and yard stays

We supply everything from complete solutions for existing accommodation refurbishment to the addition of new modules - from survey, idea and design to architecture, engineering, installation and furnishings and equipment supply. We offer a wide range of solutions for accommodation and work areas:

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